5 Canadian eco friendly products you will love


It is through small daily actions that we can reduce our carbon footprint. Even a small purchase can have an impact! This is why we created a list of Canadian eco friendly products you and your family will love. It is also a great occasion to get some ideas for the holidays or a birthday.

Buying Canadian eco friendly products is a great way to take care of the environment, but also a key action to encourage our local businesses to make an effort to create and offer ecological products.

Here you will discover 5 Canadian eco friendly products you will love.

Eco-friendly body and household products

The Unscented Company, a Canadian Montreal-based company, offers a full line of fragrance-free, long-lasting body and household products. Their eco friendly products and packaging are designed to reduce the collective plastic ecological footprint and facilitate a sustainable lifestyle.

You will find everything you need for the house, laundry, body, hair and even animals. They also encourage you to find a store near you where you can refill your product containers when they are empty.

Discover all the products here.

Reusable paper towels

Paper towels are widely used in our Canadian homes, as everywhere in the world. Even if this kind of product is usually biodegradable, the best waste is the one that is not produced at all!

This is why Papaya Reusables was founded. This Ontarian company designs cute reusable paper towels and even offers a subscription box. Their reusable paper towels are compostable and washable. One Papaya towel replaces 17 rolls of disposable paper towels. It is truly a wonderful Canadian eco friendly product, and it even saves you money.

Check out Papaya’s reusable paper towel here.

Period underwear

For women, period underwear is a wonderful eco-friendly alternative. The average woman will use 11,000 tampons in her lifetime and these plastic-wrapped menstrual products will take centuries to degrade.

Period panties are amazing and should be on our list of the best Canadian eco friendly products. A menstrual pantie is a completely normal underwear, but equipped with absorbent technology. In addition, some municipalities reimburse expenses related to the purchase of menstrual panties and other feminine hygiene products, such as menstrual cups.

Here are some geat Canadian companies where you can find period underwear:

Beeswax food wraps

Ecological food packaging has become increasingly well known in Canada in recent years. Beeswax food wraps are practical, ecological and often very pretty!

Using Beeswax foods wrap is simple: instead of using plastic wraps, you use these fabrics covered in beeswax. Not only do these work wonderfully, but it is also a very effective method to reduce your waste production and your ecological footprint.

Several local Canadian companies offer this kind of ecological product:

Drying balls

Did you know you can use eco-friendly dryer balls instead of fabric softener sheets? Not only does this reduce your waste production, but it also reduces drying time, thereby lowering your energy consumption.

Ulat, a BC company, developed its own formula for wool dryer balls, the only patented wool dryer ball in the world. Their dryer balls will last a minimum of 100 loads!

Bonus: Become carboneutral

Obviously, there are not only Canadian eco friendly products out there. There are also eco friendly services!

At, we couldn’t be greener! We offer you to become carbon neutral or to reduce your carbon footprint.

Whether you are a business or an individual, we can help you do your part in reducing environmental pollution.

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